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If your reading this, it means your no longer alive.

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It's been about a year since I last talked about it. Officially it's an Online Action RTS, that will be competitively playable against someone across the net.

As of right now it's working and uses peer to peer connection streams. It's in a heavy debugging phase. Lots of things to fix and optimize for performance. However it's playable, and it got me an A+ for my Computer Science Honors degree, so I'm quite happy with it.

No set release date. Right now I've been on a bit of a break from it. I'd been working constantly for 8 months on it learning flash and Actionscript 3 and building the game engine from scratch. Been lurking the flash forum for little tidbits aswell. It's all been a crazy experience. I feel I'm much more in tune with flash programming now.

I'm certainly not ready to release anything to the public. I still gotta get the artwork done, and theres tons of features I have in my head I want to add. Everything is really easy to implement in the final stages so really is just about how much I really want to include in it.

May be another year of me ironing it out since I think my two other group members are moving on to other projects. But i want it to be quality and preferably working with the newgrounds api.

Until then :)


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