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Good, but theres always room to improve.

I liked your "Drunken Stick" better imo. Your use of originality is great tho, and i like the fact that i see different stick fighting styles from you, compared to what I've seen from most of the stick world. Keep it up.

If i had one critique, it would be less text, and if there is text, make somthing happening as its showing up on screen. There's nothing more boring in a stick movie, then text with no motion.

Animations fluid and it looks better with the straighter line style. Good sound too. Smoke effects were my favorite.

Keep aiming higher and I'll forever be a viewer. Creativity at its best i say.

Hyun1990 responds:

thanks! I'll see if I can ease a little down on the text next time.


Cool concept. I hope for a different random button to be the UAB next time :P.

Also when his legs exploded the second time, I saw it coming, but yet i still yelled out "JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!"

I can't wait for number 2

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woot ape :D

I thought it was quite entertaining. Dancing stick dudes always makes me smile. I was more than happy to convert it for ya.

ape4 responds:

Hey dude, its all your excellent inspiration

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I was so entertained by this! Interesting stuff guys.

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Well Organized

I was hoping for some more in-depth animating effects tutorials but either way this tutorial is perfect for someone who has just received flash and wants to learn some basics.

Good stuff guys!

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Depredation responds:

Not many people seemed to want to make art tutorials this time around, its a shame there aren't more :(. Thanks for the review.


never saw this comming, i saw portal as something peoples never seen b4 and now its a flash? Thats totally awesome. I think this games gunna be number 1 for a long time well done.

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Thanks for the link. Your pretty amazing. Not sure if I'll need voice acting for my game, but if I do, I'll keep your name in mind. Very funny stuff. I can listen to the loop all day lol.

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Loy6 responds:

Excellent! Hahaha, thanks!

Would of made a great loop

-3 points because it doesn't loop.

Would of worked pretty well for a level bg music, or a menu music.

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Its smexy

I really wish i could make the coloring smooth like yours. I can't quite figure it out. Is it cause i have a really old version of photoshop(which isnt even photoshop)? It's like my smudge tool is low tec or somthing lol.

Anyway really awesome, I hang that shit up on my wall.

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Doomsberry responds:

thanks, it's all about opacity and messing with that, no need for ze smudge.

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